Today has been a lot of unpacking...


...so, me and my sister had a hanger breaking contest


:) / :(
Went on an adventure with Alex yesterday, there will be pictures up later.

Moved back home today...





Kiss off
Hung out with Christine yesterday. We went to see a French Film called Shall We Kiss.

It was pretty good. Some scenes were a bit too drawn out for my liking.
But I figure that could just be because I am used to western film.

I take 1 1 1 for cuz you left me and 2 2 2 for my family and 3 3 3 for my heartache and 4 4 4 for my headaches and 5 5 5 for my lonely and 6 6 6 for sorrow and 7 7 nonono tomorrow and 8 8 I forget what 8 was for and 9 9 9 for lost god and 10 10 10 for everything everything everything. You can all kiss off into the air behind my back. I can them stare, they'll hurt be bad but I don't care. Ya, they do it all the time. -- Kiss Off by the Violent Femmes


Gavin Rossdale
Dan got me tickets to see Gavin Rossdale.
So, we went to see him the other night.
He was really good.

I had a really good time with Dan =]

This is a still from a fun video that I made.
You can check it out on youtube...
the version that is up right now is a first one,
but I will be putting up a revised version where
all of the images are cross processed the way
that I wanted them to be.


Welcome Back
Well hello again,
You have changed and I have changed but that is ok because we still love each other.
I am now at OCAD, oh yes that's right.
I have a strange blog and a strange boyfriend who is taking me to see Gavin Rossdale!!!




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